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livewriter_lg Wow. As I said in an earlier post I am testing desktop blogging tools today. Since I can not use the firefox only Scribefire plugin because of an apparently unsolvable problem with firefox, I first tried out Qumana and now Windows Live Writer. So far, all I can say is wow…it downloads your theme so you can type directly in a true WYSIWYG – So, far, I’m truly impressed. The preview is a real preview. All the features are here and more. Here is the break – much more after it.

Let me list my first impressions as I am using it for this first time…

  • Easy to install, unlike a lot of blogging tools that had to be handheld to the remote blogging API, this one found it right way. all I needed was my url and username and password.
  • It downloaded the theme…..awesome.
  • Great usability – the features are labeled well, and easy to find.
  • Looking around now for more…what is this “colorize”..oh…it changes the color of the application….not very interesting, they could have hid that under a menu….
  • Spellcheck works
  • Preview is awesome…
  • Nice category tool
  • Easy to set the date
  • Plugins….what’s this….105 plugins….one to integrate with Firefox…created by microsoft (!) . Lots of interesting plugins. Seems to be an active community.
  • Easy to link to earlier posts…wow.
  • Inserting images…wow, adds nice like drop shadow… automaticlly created a thumbnail

I think we might have a winner here.

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