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I have had my first real stretch of free time in almost 4 years these past 2 weeks. With it, I thought I would clean a little house and update my website. I have 2 goals with this new site: consolidate and simplify.

Consolidate because I have 34 domains hosted with half a dozen ISPs. This is great for playing the feild and comparing level of service (except they all pretty much suck the same with 1 notable exception), but it is very poor for having any kind of focus. The fact is,  I do a little bit of work online each week outside of my client paid activities.  But since it is  spread out across so many different projects, it is lost.

Simply because my old site, while cool, was based on a cold fusion platform I build my self with several different web services integrated into it. Half of these were down half the time. Well see how well this new approach works. Fingers crossed. (by the way, if its 2010 and this is the only thing up here, you will know it failed.)

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  • Robert Ford '97 says:


    Good morning sir, I thought I would give this a try, I found your profile on LinkedIn while recruiting for Information Architects. I have a role for a customer in Downtown Houston, you’re probably not available but I was hoping you had a couple of colleagues that might be interested in the full-time opportunity. Please contact me when you have a moment. My number is 713-273-2905, thank you for your time.

    Robert Ford ’97
    Lead Recruiter

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