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Complex information put to music

| All Blog Posts, Art, Humor, Imagination, Science | 6 Comments

Since your first day of kindergarten when you sang your “ABC’s” educators have used music to teach the otherwise boring lists, numbers, patterns and history of our world and universe. …

MTV posts every music video ever online!!

| All Blog Posts, Art, Imagination | 2 Comments

I grew up with cable and MTV. I didn’t watch it that often but it was there. I mean it was one of the channels. And back then, before there…

Where is the bear in the big dipper?

| All Blog Posts, Art, Imagination, Observations, Science | No Comments

On the mantle of my bed I have a planetarium (Sega HomeStar) that projects the night sky onto my ceiling. Every other night or so, I turn this on when…

Attention Boeing/AirBus – Start working on blimps!

| All Blog Posts, Art, The Future | 2 Comments

When I rent a car these days I try to rent a prius. I love gliding silently through the streets, pulling up to fast food windows and not having to…