How to build a loyal audience with a free trial period

By August 3, 2012 Web Design No Comments

Offering a free trial of your site is great. But if users like me are any indication, we sign up, click around and never come back. Here is a behavioral change Idea I wrote down in a file April 15, 2002 that I just came across that I thought was still interesting.

  • If it really takes 30 days to begin a new habit. Then if you build good sites that offers a 30 day free trial, you should tell the users they have to log in every day or else the free trial expires.

That’s still a good idea! If you knew you would lose it, you mght be more likely to use it.
I thought I better post this to the web since I’m not likely to open ten year old files everyday.

The other idea in the file is more lame only because is so very obvious. (What was ten-years-younger Ben thinking?)

  • Appeal to influencer teens – the teens that all others want to be like. Marketing lifestyles, aspirations, sex.