The <!—Session Data—> in my content bug – Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, etc..


This bug affects every content management system using FCKeditior.
Please pass on to everyone writing content on the web

If your using Firefox and Skype (almost everyone is), then most likely you have a Firefox extension that was installed with Skype that messes up content in the portal (and all other content management systems you post to).

If you look around the web there are currently 22,000 calls for help on this issue. It looks like this in your content:

<!–Session Data–>

If you’ve seen this and wondered where it came from, its because you inadvertently have been adding it.

Please stop! 🙂

Here is how:

1) open Firefox

2) in the top menu (files, edit…) click Tools then Add-ons

3) in the add-ons window click Extensions

4) Find "The Browser Highlighter" and uninstall it

Uninstall browserHighlighter

This will also make firefox faster (according to this guy –

What is it:
its a piece of unwelcome, poorly implemented software that ebay built and released with skype. It does things like look for Skype numbers on the web page and highlight them. You wont miss it I promise.

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