The making of a road-trip mix tape…or how I hurt my plinky

Ok look, here’s the deal. I saw a new service on the web and decided to try it. The gimick of “” is they ask you a question and you answer it. At first I dreaded the question, then rolled my eyes, 3 “road trip songs” how cliche, I thought. But as I answered, and realized how the site was drawing me in my autosearching for the cover, then asking “why?” it was kind of fun – hope you enjoy my answers:

On the road again by Willie Nelson

This is the definitive road trip song. I think it is actually required by law in some states including Texas that if you use the word “road trip” you must play this song. Willie’s other great road anthem – “City of New Orleans” – although it’s about trains and a little more contemplative in mood is also a good song, but the who tape can’t be Willie or it wouldn’t be a mix! So for quite contemplation we turn to another classic…

wonderful world by Louis Armstrong

When the mood settles down, and everyone is drawn into quite contemplation of the world beyond the window, this song reminds and reinforces the fact and the feeling that the world is a miracle. No song is better at conveying that sense of wonder that is necessary to truly be in the moment. Great conversation will follow.

Life is a highway by Rascal Flatts

Again, like Willie, this song might be required. The version for the Pixar movie cars made that movie great.

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