MTV posts every music video ever online!!

I grew up with cable and MTV. I didn’t watch it that often but it was there. I mean it was one of the channels. And back then, before there were 300 channels, and Tivo, and the internet, we used to flip through them. Over and over. For fun. A song or video would have to pretty intresting, animated, or filled with special effects to catch the attention of an 8 year old. What I’m trying to say is that MTV has posted every music video online on there new site

Even better you can embed them.

My Favorites off the top of my head:

  1. Peter Gabriel » Sledgehammer (above)
  2. Michael Jackson » Thriller
  3. Fatboy Slim » Weapon of Choice (with Christopher Walken – classic)

I think this comment sums it up on the Daft Punk » Harder Better Faster Stronger video.

“Productivity in our IT deparment has dropped to exactly 0% since we discovered this site this morning. :p Thanks MTV. Best thing to happen to mTV since it’s incepetion.”

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