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My business card introduces me as an Information Architect and User Experience Designer, which is a fancy word for Web Designer. I built my first website in 1996 and I have been building them ever since. In 1999, I graduated from Texas A&M and went to work for a small company called Studio Interactive, that same year, we were acquired by PriceWaterhouseCoopers in order to compete for creative work against the larger creative agencies like Razor Fish and March 1st. In 2002, PWC Consulting was acquired by IBM and in 2007, my partners and I founded Base22, a technology firm focused on the enterprise web design and development space with extensive experience in portals and web content management.

I have been the lead designer on a wide range of web projects in a wide range of industries, from enterprise portals for global organizations, to mission critical consumer facing web applications, social networking sites, knowledge management wikis, and corporate blogs.

I like building things and solving problems and over the years I have acquired a pretty decent knowledge of design and usability, enterprise software development and integration best practices, and “consultanty” things like: adoption and governance, usability, information architecture, business case development, and requirement gathering, and a number of platforms and software solutions.

In short, in matters animal, vegetable, or mineral, I am the very model of a modern major general (Pirates of Penzance joke – see #6 on this post)

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A Few Projects

  • Taco Bell and KFC – lead designer and information architect for both brands. Each brand is implementing a completely redesigned portal for restaurant management and staff
  • AGCO Corporation – lead designer and information architect for several projects. Development and roll out of global employee portal following the Base22 work / life blueprint (see  references for more details). Design and Implementation of IT Global Dashboard and Sub-Site
  • Kemper – led the design and provided web content management expertise for the roll out of a new brand for Unitrin Corporation (now Kemper)
  • CEMEX – lead information architect – Developed the vision, design, and provided implementation support of global employee portal and intranet redesign making heavy use of personalization, content management workflows and leveraging the Base22 portal blueprint framework
  • ExxonMobil – lead designer and information architect for EMRocks, a knowledge and document management portal for the Geoscience division

  • Marathon Oil – lead information architect for the Marathon Oil employee portal. Defined and prototyped content and services for a Geoscience role in Marathon’s existing corporate portal.  (Portal + Custom Search)
  • Sumitomo – designed and developed a global knowledge base wiki, provided training workshops in Tokyo and Houston along with strategy and governance support
  • Boehringer-Ingelheim  – lead information architect and user experience designer for multiple projects including a patient decision support system and a sales portal
  • UPS – lead information architect for several projects including vision, design, implementation, and support of global employee portal
  • Nissan – information architect for global employee portal
  • Northrop Grumman – developed user experience prototype for an enterprise portal touching all areas of the client’s business

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    Web Design

    I’ve been designing websites professionally since 1996. The technology improves but the principles stay the same.

    Portals and Intranets

    My main area of work is in enterprise portals, intranets and the constellation of technologies that large companies use to manage their information ecosystems.

    Knowledge Networks

    For the last couple of years I’ve had the opportunity to work in the area of knowledge management with some of the industry leaders to develop a strong point of view in this area.

    User Centered Design

    Great design requires deep insight and knowledge of the user. User research is a key part of my job and part of the reason our projects have been so successful.

    Information Architecture

    The principles and patterns that define a system and keep it organized as it grows.

    My Team at Base22

    I am a co-founder of Base22 where I’m proud to work with the most talented team of web and mobile app artists, designers, and architects I’ve ever met.

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