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Google Wave = Skype + Gmail + New Coolness

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Google is trying to reinvent email and online communications with a new development platform. Uses iphone like auto-spell check, real-time, back and forth, inline commenting, and character by character transmission (you see what they are typing as they type it), playback to see how the conversation evolved. Basically it combines the best of skype and gmail with some really nice new features. Everything is really fast!

Can’t wait for this to be integrated into gmail.

Twitter: 140 reasons it’s worth your time

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twitterrific-icon If someone at your company is not watching your brand on Twitter (website: Twitter.com wikipedia: Twitter) you could be missing out on valuable market intelligence and an opportunity to interact with your customers in a way that makes your brand more personal. Plugging into twitter a little each day is a good way to “listen” to what is happening: in the news; in your industry; and with your customers and to the web. The web is changing fast and changing society as it does. Ideas are generated in small sub-cultures and explode outward in viral waves that influence consumer behavior, innovation, even language.

If you have not heard of Twitter, heard of but never tried it, tried it but didn’t “get it”, or seen the value but weren’t sure how to extract it, then this article is written for you.

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Attention Boeing/AirBus – Start working on blimps!

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When I rent a car these days I try to rent a prius. I love gliding silently through the streets, pulling up to fast food windows and not having to shout over the rumble of an engine. Imagine if we could fly in such silent style. Imagine if the airplane was as quiet as a library. This painting made we wish for that. It is a painting by “futurist” Syd Mead who also worked on movies like Blade Runner, Tron and Aliens—but in his most recent work he envisions a future city by the name of Doha, Qatar.

I think we have the building architecture down. But somebody has got to get to work on these wonderful flying machines.
Technically, blimps are soft-body-inflatable aircraft – these are more like zeppelins, rigid-body-lighter-than-air craft. Either way, I would except the longer commutes if I could have a conversation without losing my voice and hearing.

Learning to use the internet

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Sprint is making a really interesting move to promote its new phone the Instinct. Rather than give people a rebate or discount, they will pay the first 1,000 users $20 to create a video that includes the phone and upload it to YouTube.com. The winner will get $10,000. This is interesting because companies and ad agencies are really struggling to learn how to best use the power of the internet.

The approach here seems to be – when you can’t think of anything else – have a contest.

So for around $50K – Sprint is getting:

  • At least 1,000 videos featuring their new phone.
  • Buzz from people like me and large gadget blogs talking about it.
  • Selling at least 1000 phones

How many of these will be of the “will it blend” variety?

Understanding Cool on the web and how to tap into it

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Take aways:

  • Dimensions of a Creative Culture:
    • Perspective – a typewriter company could have been Microsoft – but they thought it was important to stick with their core business even as their customers demanded something else. Situational Framing Dictates Your Outcome.
    • Forced Failure – Success leads to complacency. If you don’t fail sometimes your not trying hard enough. Set up a “gambling fund” for ideas that are expected to fail.
    • Incentive – If you reward only based on good outcomes, you discourage risk and innovation. Instead reward good decisions to create a innovation friendly environment. Win like your used to it. Lose like you enjoy it.
    • Creativity – Freedom, Fun, Broad involvement. Senior people need to be crazy. Observe your customers in there environment. Even the CEO needs to do this. Surveys, interviews, and focus groups don’t get it. Go watch them.