Justification of Ockham’s Razor as a principle of reasoning

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Scientists use the principle of Ockham’s Razor as their guide. Ockham’s Razor states that when there are multiple consistent theories are being considered, the choice should be the simplest one. Simple theories have an intuitive appeal, but that is not a justification of Ockham’s Razor as a principle of reasoning. A justification should demonstrate that preferring the simplest compatible theory is better at finding the truth than any other competing strategy.

This article does a good job with great cartoons of explaining why this principle is valid. Very insightful. Here’s the link.

Update: here is an animated older version. The link above goes to the version 2 story board which has not been animated.

V is for Vader – Rewriting the Star Wars Prequels

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I have seen lots of bad movies in my life. Most of them are soon forgotten. But only one film betrayed me to such a degree that I continue to think about it years later. I am speaking of coarse of the ruination of Star Wars with the prequels (yes, I can be that much of a geek sometimes). Fixing these stories is the subject of hundreds of fan made YouTube videos and thousands of webpages, so at least I’m not alone. I shutter to think of hours that have been spent as fans discuss what it was that made Star Wars jump the shark. Was it Jar Jar? Midi-chlorians? Or was it Lucas lavishing attention on special effects and zipping around the galaxy trying to squeeze as many creatures, star ships, Jedi, planets, and cities into the movie as possible while leaving plot, character development, acting, and dialog as a mere after-thought? I think we all know the unfortunate answer to that question. Read More

The Ron Paul Tea Party – Liberty is Brewing

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On Dec 16, on the 234th anniversary of the Boston Tea Party – Ron Paul organizers (if you don’t know who he is watch this) want you to donate to the Ron Paul Presidential Campaign. They are to create what they call a money bomb – the largest single day fund raiser in history in order to get the national media to take him seriously. It is amazing to see how dedicated his supporters are. With little coordination they have created an internet phenomenon. Good luck guys.