Understanding Cool on the web and how to tap into it

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Take aways:

  • Dimensions of a Creative Culture:
    • Perspective – a typewriter company could have been Microsoft – but they thought it was important to stick with their core business even as their customers demanded something else. Situational Framing Dictates Your Outcome.
    • Forced Failure – Success leads to complacency. If you don’t fail sometimes your not trying hard enough. Set up a “gambling fund” for ideas that are expected to fail.
    • Incentive – If you reward only based on good outcomes, you discourage risk and innovation. Instead reward good decisions to create a innovation friendly environment. Win like your used to it. Lose like you enjoy it.
    • Creativity – Freedom, Fun, Broad involvement. Senior people need to be crazy. Observe your customers in there environment. Even the CEO needs to do this. Surveys, interviews, and focus groups don’t get it. Go watch them.