About Ben Shoemate

Ben Shoemate
(that’s me) is an enterprise web designer and information architect with extensive expertise in enterprise web content management and portals. He is a founding partner and consultant at Base22 where works with clients to develop rich and engaging online user experiences.

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  • D

    Hi, could you please send me the wikipedia database on a CD or DVD please?

  • Mnhwk

    Hey I like your site and there is a lot to read – Einstein quotes, celebrity teachers (that could be me), and a fascinating tutorial on how to get all my years of email in one place – I bookmarked that one to try, or find someone to do it for me! My comment is that I'm not seeing the year on your posts, and whether something is from this year, or 2 years ago can make a difference, considering how changeable digital media is. Thanks for the listen.

  • Mike

    Thanks for your RT it means a lot.. great site Ben and the best of luck
    warmest regards Mike (@mm_uk)

  • Michael Scott (no…really!)

    Hey, Ben….how’s it hangin. I checked out (by stumbling on) your page http://www.benshoemate.com/2007/11/09/how-to-upload-all-your-old-archived-email-to-gmail-from-outlook-lotus-notes-and-unix-pine/
    Sorry about not getting to you via Skype…but I just couldn’t bear the thought of adding YET another communications medium to my list right now (you know…..FB, SMS, TXT, EMAIL, PHONE, FAX, GMAIL)…..which brings me to my question:

    I started reading your page, above, and realized that it is (forgive the expression) “sadly out of date”….based on the fact that ANYTHING computer is ancient when it’s one year old.

    Surely by now there’s an EASY way to import/export my Outlook messages, Calendar and Contacts into Gmail…..complete with intact folder hierarchy….with a single click of the mouse!?
    I”m dying to find the best (read: easiest) way to do this and am finding dozens if not hundreds of suggestions.

    Do you now (in July, 2011) have the BEST suggestion?

    Thanks for any help, buddy.

    Going crazy,

    • http://www.benshoemate.com benshoemate

      Hi Michael, I’ve had this question before – I personally have not had to deal with it in a while (since I used the method I documented) but if you read the comments on that post you will see that google offers some options for google apps users. None are 1-button. Web DAV is the easiest but it’s also the slowest. I had 100s of thousands of emails so I used the solution I documented which still worked as of last year. It’s not as much work as it seems and I think it’s worth it to have all your email in on place.
      Ben Shoemate
      Enterprise Web User Experience and Information Architecture

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    Hello, i am not used to passing comments on discussions, but i am quite impressed by this site, so i will certainly visit again.

  • Matthew Dickinson

    How do I download the Wikipedia archives? I know you are probably another person on the Internet who doesn’t really check their messages or respond to them, but your article is five years old and when I went to http://dumps.wikimedia.org/ I was confused because it’s written by computer geeks, and I don’t know which one I download, or if I have to do something special and it doesn’t just come in a standard .zip or .rar like I expected. Thanks.
    And I see I cannot leave my email address here in a comment. Nazi.

  • Matthew Dickinson

    Is there a Blu-Ray distro of Wikipedia? A text-only version (to cut down on size)?

    Should I save Uncyclopedia instead?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_24MPBALSKA5BW2RDKYFE37LYFI Osama

    Hey! To be honest.I’m impressed! Thank you very much hope i can be n’ touch with you
    that if i have a problem or question, you can help.

  • http://www.rcu-uzice.net/ Davis

    Amazing, I found your site on Bing looking around for something completely unrelated and I really enjoyed your site. I will stop by again to read some more posts. Thanks!

  • Andy McCraw

    Nice hat dude…oh, nice blog too.